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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Talk 2 Us 11zon

Any review of the structure and methodology to be applied by shareholders of SMEs when appointing company directors, including themselves, should also focus on sound corporate governance, or the lack thereof, to be adhered to and exercised by such directors.

Boards are the custodians of corporate governance and remain accountable to shareholders. They delegate and authorise management to promote ethical business practices under the watchful eye of the social and ethics committees of these boards.

Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management Talk 2 Us 11zon
Enterprise Risk Management Talk 2 Us 11zon

Enterprise Risk Management (“ERM””) is an ongoing enterprise-wide discipline to identify, assess, control, exploit, finance and monitor risks from all sources and at all levels of the enterprise, for the purpose of maximising the long-term value to all stakeholders.

Compliance and Due Diligence

Compliance and Due Diligence Talk 2 Us 11zon

The cost of legal and regulatory compliance and risk mitigation since 2010 has increased by over 60 percent for retail and corporate businesses.

Shareholders expect the boards and executives to not only meet new regulatory requirements but to ensure the effectiveness of all that has already been implemented.   

Complying with regulations is becoming an increasingly complex, cross-functional effort. It’s no longer a domain of just the chief compliance officer or chief risk officer of a company.  The tasks and responsibilities are being moved lower down the management structures.

 Companies have to involve multiple functions across all divisions and departments, processes, and technologies, to ensure that the technologies involved are well controlled and don’t introduce unintended or new risks into the environment.

Company Secretarial Services

Compliance and Due Diligence Talk 2 Us (2) 11zon
Compliance and Due Diligence Talk 2 Us (2) 11zon

Compliance with a range of legal and regulatory requirements is key to a successful company secretarial practise.  We remain up to date on legal and regulatory issues.  We endeavour to build strong relationships with our clients, offering personalised solutions based on their specific needs while adding value to their businesses.

These services include:

Virtual or outsourced company secretarial service where our clients can access expert advice and support

Attending board and shareholder meetings to ensure compliance with good governance principles;

Recording and maintaining accurate minutes of board and shareholder meetings;

Other services rendered include:

Assist clients to establish new legal entities, handling all the necessary paperwork and online filing requirements;

Advisory services on corporate governance best practices;

Statutory filings with regulatory authorities such as CIPC covering annual returns, director amendments etc.

Annual compliance audits to ensure that the client is complying with all relevant industry, regulatory and legal requirements

Assistance in drafting and reviewing legal documents, contracts and agreements;

Manage communication and interaction with shareholders;

Conduct training programs for personnel on company directorships, corporate governance and regulatory compliance

Conduct due diligence checks covering new business ventures such as partnerships, JVs or acquisitions

Joint Ventures

Two joint ventures established

INSIGHT STRATEGIES – https://instrategies.co.za
Established in January 2023 and renders BEE implementation and corporate governance oversight services to medium and large corporates.
The company is a 50/50 JV established with Mr Udesh Naicker, an experienced businessman with a successful track record of than 30 years.
Company directors are Ben Pieters and Udesh Naicker.

Established in May 2023 the JV renders a range of services to SMEs focussed on regulatory compliance, administration, strategic planning, risk analysis and company secretarial practices.
The company is a 50/50 JV established with the ALL5 Holdings Group.
Company directors are Ben Pieters and (Ms) Lungile Ngakane a practising lawyer with a successful track record spanning more than 25 years.
It does not have a dedicated website and has undertaken its first assignment.
Income earned from assignments is split between the JV partners on a pre-agreed basis, with the company retaining a nominal share thereof to defray costs.


PeriodClientAssignment Details
08/2023 – 12/2023EDF RenewablesServed as JV partner to ALL5Vantaris JV in rendering company secretarial and compliance services to a leading international wind power development group.
02/2022 – 12/2023EBH GroupServed as chairman and group company secretary for a medium-sized group specialising in brand activations. Designed and developed group structures, implemented corporate governance and compliance processes across the Group; BEE safeguarding methodologies developed and implemented.
02/2021 – 06/2022InceServed as acting Head: Language Service Unit. Responsible for reviewing and proofreading JSE-listed issuers’ draft annual integrated reports, company circulars, and SENS and EDGAR announcements, ensuring that they meet very stringent content, formatting, functional linking & deadline requirements. Contracted for 3 months, stayed for 16 months.
01/2018 – 12/2019Project TeamBoard effectiveness assessments. Served as a member of a small team of independent consultants responsible for several projects relating to board effectiveness assessments undertaken for major companies
03/2017 – 08-2018Project TeamIndependent assurance of sustainability performance data. Served as a member of a small team of independent consultants providing independent assurance over key sustainability performance data reported in IARs of several JSE-listed issuers.
02/2016 – 06/2017IsometrixActing Project Manager Managed several IsoMetrix IT systems implementation projects. Contracted for 3 months and stayed for 16 months.
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