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Control & Safeguard Shareholder & Board Interests

Identification, Assessment & Mitigation of Enterprise Risks

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Professional Secretarial Services Offered

The right team for the Task


Control & Safeguard Shareholder & Board Interests


Identification, Assessment & Mitigation of Enterprise Risks


Legal & Regulatory Compliance & Due-Diligence

Secretarial Services

Professional Secretarial Services Offered

Our focus and experience

We specialise in the provision of focused consulting input on an informed basis, and in a manner that adds value to the client’s business.
We localise global principles to meet local risk conditions and requirements. Put succinctly: we can help; we know what has to be done.
Use the experts to ensure sustainable growth and expansion of your business.

We are strong believers in the value of shared experience. Every member of our business accounting team has the necessary, experience to assist our clients.

Our focus and experience

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The current interpretation of corporate governance holds that the governing members of an enterprise – being the board of directors and executive management – shall establish and implement policies, continuously monitor its relevance & effectiveness, and develop systems and processes of accountability to ensure the ongoing stability and prosperity of the enterprise.

We believe a company is only as good as the promises it keeps.

For us, our mission statement declares our purpose as a consultancy practice and serves as the standard against which we constantly measure our performance and actions.

We aim to be the leading independent legal management consulting practitioner, offering a value-added service to large and medium-sized enterprises in South Africa and elsewhere.

At Talk2Us, the conduct of individual employees, managers and directors in performing their daily tasks, is inseparable from corporate conduct. Every individual is personally responsible and accountable to the board to adhere to sound and transparent business practices in compliance with applicable laws, and actions that reflect the highest standards of corporate and individual behaviour.

The attitude and behaviour of our directors and managers will reflect their commitment to live the corporate culture and values. A duty of care, skill and diligence will permeate all their actions.

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